Saturday, 25 October 2008

Free links on Blogger

Blogger, like many other popular services, offers an option to post-by-email. This lets you post when you're out and about. You pick a special email address, and when you send something there, it appears on your blog; the subject is the blog title, and the content is the blog post. Blogger's service doesn't offer HTML, but it will auto-link any URLs that you put in the email subject.

According to Blogger's help:

The format of the email address is . Note that this email address must be kept secret.

Of course, a few of these have leaked into the public domain, onto mailing lists, which is why you see some sites at blogspot filled with ads for cialis and the like. One of these, for, is "robitforrock dot starwars at blogger dot com". Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Why've you stopped writing?

Leon said...

Why do you write so much about Kendra Wilkinson?

Sean said...

Cool. I found this post very interesting! Thank you for sharing with us!

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