Saturday, 30 June 2007

1400+ PHP Link Directories, catalogued for you

So, in advance of a little scripting, here's a list of over 1400 installations of the PHP Link Directory. I'd like to give more - there are easily 20k out there - but sadly Yahoo! and Google's search APIs don't like queries past result number 1000. In fact, they positively hurl their dummies out of their respective cradles.

The spreadsheet containing the results has the following information:

  • Submit URL

  • Cost of submission

  • Reciprocal link code

  • Whether or not the site uses a captcha


It's spartan, but functional, and certainly open to further use. I was surprised by how many of these directories are wide open; further code is coming.

There's no source with this post as the abomination that created the data was truly awful, and probably still will be next time round. I even spent time in Excel updating individual entries; big to-do list entries include: add homepage pr, make backlink scraping code more accurate, de-dupe by domain and not hostname, add express submission price column, add flag to detect if unique sessions are required for submission, and detect PHPld version.

This list's probably very abusable. For example, those lovely chaps at the PHP Link Directory could abuse it to check that everyone's bought a license. In fact, this list should only contain the cheapskates that haven't paid to remove the link to the software creators, but hey, who am I to judge.


Anonymous said...

you can get more if you know how and where to look :)


hellz said...

great post man :)

a great method to find directories is to use the inurl/intitle: command


inurl:add_link intitle:seo


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