Thursday, 19 July 2007

pownce invitation

I don't want my pownce invitations. Link to me, and leave a comment with your email address, if you do. There are some left right now; I'll edit this post when I've run out.


Anonymous said...

I'd like an invite thank you.
I don't have a website to link to your blog, but I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

2anyone AT gmail Dot com

I'd like a invite, thank you very much!

I have a pagerank 3 site

let me know if that's ok for you?

thank you.

ventr1s said...

I'd like an invite too.

My e-mail: v150r AT o2 DOT pl

Thanks in advance.

void said...

I'd like an invite thank you.

thank you.

hardboot said...

Still available
hardboot2k AT gmail DOT com

Anonymous said...

I would like to see what the fuss is about, so i have linked to


my email is:

live2loaf AT hotmail DOT com


aside said...

invites rule...

aside6 @

thanks in advance!

Adam Naranjo said...

I've linked to

from (Page Rank 3)

Please send an invite to: adamnaranjo//at\\gmail

I'll wait for 2 or 3 days max, then I'll take the link down and resend my site map to google for indexing.


iuubob said...

Linked at
I'd love a Pownce invite

BigTram said...

I am another of those people who don't have a website, so can't link to your blog, I'm afaraid.

But would love a pownce invite, if you're feeling generous!


My email is bigtram1 @ gmail .com


Aspiring Harpo said...

Trying to pounce on Pownce... can you hook me up?

also check out my blog --


tam said...

I'd love a pownce invitation >


The Foo said...

would like an invite please. i see you haven't posted anything to say you have run out so I assume you haven't.

my address is
mfjm74 AT gmail dot com

i have a PR4 @
your link is up there on the sidebar under "web worthy" section.


Adam said...

Thanks for sharing.

I'd also like an invitation.

avsa adasi said...

thank you blog

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